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Our platform transforms passive website visitors into active participants through gamification, driving real results.


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Create and Deploy Marketing Games 10x Faster

Swiftly create, customize, and launch impactful gamified campaigns that drive results across all customer interactions.

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Our intuitive platform puts you in control. Choose from our game types and edit to create exactly what you need. The possibilities are endless!

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Work with our library of pre-made templates to perfectly match your brand identity with access to features like customizable prizes and styles.

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Integrate your gamification anywhere - website, landing pages, apps, or even iframes. Track results so you can see what's working and optimize for success.

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Using our games, you can super charge your cdp workflow to improve your kpis. Abandoned cart recovery, lead generation, and more.

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Build Brand Awareness

Make your ads FUN! Our platform turns passive viewers into active participants, boosting brand recall and engagement


Increase Customer Aquisition

Gamify your marketing funnel! Drive new leads and keep them coming back with interactive experiences that convert.


Increase Retention

Keep your customers coming back for more with our gamification platform that rewards loyalty and encourages repeat visits


Increase Engagement

Ignite user interest and foster deep connections through interactive, game-like experiences that captivate and delight

Using ensake games has really improved how we engage with our users. We've seen more people taking action and using our financial services. Plus, we can now help them with their needs right in the app as they come up.

Samuel Ekpemede

CEO, Chunk Finance

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